maanantai 29. heinäkuuta 2013

For those in the know?

Amazingly there are no blogs dedicated to the fascinating culture, fashion, people and lifestyle of Helsinki. We came across this surprising fact when thinking about setting up our own blog about the lifestyle of two professional Helsinki women. We thought about an angle that would be satisfying to the both of us: style, travelling, restaurants, home, children, motherhood, food & wine, relaxing, even politics... the list is endless. But what really took off was the idea of doing something that would incorporate the endless list above with the lifestyle of Helsinki.

There are blogs from many corners of the world dedicated to different cities and their lifestyles, but none such for Helsinki. Don't we think this city deserves its own blog, its voice in the blogosphere? There are of course postings and blogs from the official authorities, travel agencies, companies and even government, but as far as we know, no independent Helsinki-related blogs exist.

This blog therefore aims to dig deeper into the life in Helsinki and aims to pull the Finnish capital out of the "for those in the know" -list on which it often looms.

And, as we already know that no man is an island, neither is Helsinki on its own. In this blog we will travel and compare our findings from our travels with the lifestyle of our beloved Helsinki. Helsinki is chic, and we aim to show you where, when and how to find it! Helsinki-chic is where the chic heart is. :)

Marjo & Miia